Easy Fit System

What is an Easy Fit System?

The Easy Fit System (E.F.S.) is a revolutionary system allowing a single wheel to fit up to 10 different PCDs. With our proprietary wheels, and custom hardware, you can stock fewer wheels while still offering coverage for a wide range of vehicles. 

What are the benefits?

  • Increase the turnover of your stock - By increasing the number of applications for each wheel your stocked parts will be in higher demand.
  • Reduce required inventory - With each part fitting a wide range of vehicles you can reduce the amount of product you stock while still covering the same number of vehicles.
  • Easy to use - Our intuitive system is easy to install and doesn't require extensive training.
  • Up to 10 PCDs with a single wheel:
    5 100mm
    5 105mm
    5 108mm
    5 110mm
    5 112mm
    5 114mm
    4 98mm
    4 100mm
    4 108mm
    4 114.3mm
    (Extended PCD combinations are also possible)